Sunday, November 30, 2008

lab C transcript

Class: Can I ask everyone to bring it in over here please?

To Class: Today were
going to be reviewing and learning new aspects about the game of
fistball, which you can see is from Germany.

To Class: To begin,
when I say go, I want everybody to grab a volleyball and were going
to start walking around and work on our underhand hits, remember the
most important part, if you read the cues, is that you’re going
to keep your fist closed, and hit it from underneath, your going to
scoop down and lift

To Class: So that’s
what I want everyone to do when I say go, but when you go, as you can
see there are nets set up around ok? There’s going to be other
people walking around so make sure you’re aware of you’re
surroundings don’t run into a net or run into someone else ok?
So Go.

To Class: Spread out
and use the floor

To Mark: Good Mark,
good job

To Jack: Good Jack, way
to control it.

To Class: Remember to
use a closed fist

To Class: You can use
your forearm, you don’t have to hit it right off your fist

To Courtney: Good
Courtney, good control

To Class: Remember it
is important to control the ball and keep it in front of you.

To Class: You can catch
it, or keep it going to challenge yourself.

To Glenn: Good Job
Glenn, way to go, nice control

To Ciera: Good job
Ciera, way to hit it straight up

To Class: Alright, now
to challenge yourself, try to hit it up in the air and keep it up in
the air and don’t catch it, alright?

To Class: Don’t
catch the ball when you throw it in the air, just hit it straight up.
See how many in a row you can get without letting the ball hit the

To Mike: Good job, way
to control it Mike

To John: Good job John,
way to use you’re fist

To Jack: Good job Jack,
way to control it

To Ben: Good job Ben,
way to control, way to control

To Chad: Nice job Chad

To Class: Try using
your non-dominant hand too!

To Courtney: Good job
Courtney, very nice

To Matt: Nice job Matt

To Jeff: Nice job Jeff,
I see it

To John: Nice job John

To Class: Nice job,
good work

To Class: Ok, so can I
have everyone bring it in?

To Class: Alright, so
now that we reviewed a little bit, were going to learn our next new
progression which is the approach to the spike ok? So there’s
a few things you got to learn when approaching to a spike alright,
the first thing is that when the ball is hit, its going to be a high
set up shot that we worked on last class, so the ball is going to
come down, bounce, and go back up into the air, so your going to set
up for your spike ok?

To Class: So the first
thing that we have to do is make sure that when the ball hits the
ground is that were underneath the ball ok?

To Katie: Katie can you
hold onto the ball please, thanks.

To Class: Alright, so
when the ball hits the ground what I want you to do is, spread out
and just make sure that you’re underneath the ball ok?
Alright, underneath the ball.

To Class: I want you to
bounce it away from yourself, go and set yourself underneath the
ball, in good position to spike, alright so go try that.

To Class: Spread out,
use the floor, be aware of your surroundings

To Joe: Good Joe

To Mark: Good Mark,
that was good

To Courtney: Good

To Ciera/Katie: Hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Were not going to be throwing the balls at
each other ok girls, just keep control, ok good.

To Ben: Good job Ben

To Jack: Nice job Jack

To Ciera: Good job

To Class: Alright now
what I want you to do is when you throw the ball down underneath, I
want you to jump up and hit the ball at its highest point ok?
Because when you spike it you want to hit the ball at its highest
point on top of it so it goes down into the other teams area alright?

To Class: So now slam
the ball down, jump up, and touch it at its highest point. So
practice that, Go.

To John: Good job John

To Mike: Good job Mike,
way to get up there

To Jack: Good job Jack,
way to go

To Yessi: Come on
Yessi, bounce it down and go get it

To Rose: Good job Rose

To Mark: Good job Mark

To Jeff: Good job Jeff

To Joe: Good Joe, way
to go get it

To Matt: Good job Matt,
way to go get it

To Jeff: Nice job Jeff,
good Job

To Class: Come on, lets
keep going, keep going, keep going

To Class: Good, good,

To Mark: Good job Mark

To Class: Alright, hold
onto the balls for a second

To Class: I want
everyone to grab a partner, now the partner is just going to be used
to bounce the ball up in the air so you don’t have to do it
yourself ok? So get a partner and have them bounce it, but I want
you to separate a little bit from your partner so you have to run and
get into position ok? Alright Go

To Jeff: Jeff hold the
ball, thanks.

To ?: Alright that’s

To Class: Bounce it so
your partner can get in position, come on lets go.

To Class: Good job

To Katie: Now jump up
and get it, come on Katie you can jump up and get that!

Courtney: Come on
Courtney, lets see it

To Joe: Good job Joe

To Alicia: Good job

To Mark: Way to get up
there Mark

To Chad: Good job Chad

To Katie: Good job
Katie, way to go, way to get over there

To Jack: Good job, good
job Jack, way to get up and get it

To Ben: Alright, Ben

To Class: Alright, can
I have everybody bring it back down over here please? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

To Class: Ok very good,
so now can anybody tell me what the most important thing is when
getting into position to spike?

To Rose: Good Rose,
getting underneath the ball

To Class: Ok, so today
we went over the approach to the spike, next class were going to go
over the serve and were going to get into some game play alright? So
good job today.

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